Fall 2019 Collection Explained

Fall 2019 Collection Explained

Q'vo!, Hola, Hi There, What's Up!, How's it going; this is Fabian, the owner and creative behind Ambitious Collective. I'm going to try to be more active here on the shop's blog from now on, I admit I've had this feature somewhat forgotten since forever. I'm going to try and post either whatever is on my mind regarding the brand, streetwear, our Mexican/Mexican American culture and history, news, and everything in between. Besides art and design I always enjoyed writing in school so I'm going to give this blogging thing a shot. We'll start off with me introducing and explaining Ambitious Collective's Fall 2019 designs, I'm a bit rusty so bear with me.

Pobres Diablos

Fall/Winter 2018 we released a hoodie with a mischievous red devil and the tagline "Pobres Diablos." The official translation of this phrase is "Poor Devils" and the literal definition in Spanish is, "Persona sin importancia e inofensiva. Una persona debil, incapaz, o con escasa inteligencia." For those of you who don't dominate the Spanish language the definition's translation is, "An individual with no importance, someone harmless. A person who is weak, incapable, or who lacks intelligence." You might be asking why anyone would go around bragging about processing any of these demoralizing qualities, let me explain. I'm taking the literal meaning of the words pobre and diablo, of poor and devil and turning them into a graphic which in this case is a impoverished devil cartoon (inspired by vintage sports logo mascots) who has seen better days (or not). If you've followed Ambitious Collective over the last six years I'm sure you're aware of our slogans We Came From Nothing and Struggle Inspired Goods both of these are pretty self explanatory but I'll give you a quick briefing. I've always taken pride in how far my family has come, from struggling to survive in our hometown in Northern Jalisco, Mexico to emigrating to the U.S., and subsequently owning businesses and property as well as the next generation earning college degrees. This little devil cartoon in a weird way is a homage to those who like my family; came from poverty, came from nothing. 

Maria Maria

I felt like a design with the beautiful and legendary Maria Felix was long overdue. This t-shirt comes in Ash Gray (you know, the middle school and high school P.E. shirts). She was absolutely stunning! You want a strong, powerful, overachieving, confident, independent woman? Pos aqui esta!

Hard to Kill

This is actually an old design that kept getting overlooked, it briefly made an appearance as a badge on our "Valientes" design last year. Now that Halloween is around the corner I thought it would be appropriate (I finally remembered) to release it. The Hard to Kill tagline (because Zombies are hard to kill, duh!) goes hand in hand with the rest of our bravado inspired slogans; yes, but... also because no matter how many obstacles are thrown at us we just won't go away, seguimos dando guerra!

Siempre Peligrosos

In a time of mumble rap and WTF music (I seriously don't know what what the fuck they're saying or talking about...some of the beats are fire though) I wanted to make reference to some real OG Rap/West Coast Rap/Chicano Rap artists. In this case Cypress Hill. Caminando por la calle siempre peligrosos...don't know the song? Look it up!...and what's more peligroso than a venemous black mamba snake about to strike? (Well, actually a lot of things). For those of you that are Spanish impaired, Simpre Peligrosos translates to Always Dangerous.


Todos Hablan

I love the imagery and the contrast of this design. The main tagline is inspired by a Regional Mexicano song of the same name that is currently trending. It translates to, "Everyone Speaks but They Know Nothing." This is something that I believe everyone can relate to. People may have their opinions of you and be very open and public about them but they will never know the real reasons and motives that drive you to do what you do and be who you are. The bottom text translates to, "Those who know don't speak" and "Those who speak don't know."



The ever-famous all seeing eye is always eye catching and appealing while at the same time being mysterious. The main tagline Todo Tiene Consecuencias translates to Everything has Consequences. The story behind this design goes back to 4th of July weekend this Summer, it just so happened to be a busy day for the local authorities. People were getting pulled over or arrested for drunk driving, racing side shows, illegal fireworks, or domestic disturbances related to drugs and alcohol. Everyone being caught or reported thought they were being slick but someone was watching them the whole time and as a result they had to face the consequences of their actions. In this case it was probably a good thing that someone was watching so certain situations didn't get much worse. Now that I explain it, my whole story sounds kind of corny and not that deep but the design looks bad ass though.


Fuerza Maya

If you hadn't noticed by now I have a deep fascination for Mexican history and culture. We've been integrating the Aztec eagle warrior into a lot of our designs over the years, updating the logo three times along the way. In this case I wanted to highlight the Caballero Jaguar.



I took a trip to Puebla Mexico this Summer (I should post about my travels...maybe). The significance and history of this city is immense and I believe it's often forgotten as everyone always gravitates towards Mexico City. If you're into Mexican history like me, Puebla is a must! Anyway, the official name of the city at one point was Puebla de Los Angeles and as a result there's fountains, statues, church gates, monuments, and art work, throughout the city depicting all types of angels. If the public domain is covered in angels you can imagine what the city's 365 churches look like, Puebla is even dubbed Angelopolis. I often see the ironic side of things and the bandit angels on this design (besides looking cool) interpret my thoughts on the Catholic religion and its blatant custom of hustling its worshipers. You may interpret the designs as you wish.


By now you might have noticed (if you follow the brand) that the jaguar has become the unofficial mascot of the brand. To the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas the jaguar represented power, ferocity, valor, and aggressiveness. They worshiped the jaguars so much they built temples in its honor. For some, the jaguar represents the power to face one’s fears, or to confront one’s enemies. 



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