Puro Pinche Fashion

Puro Pinche Fashion

This past January 18th Nike and professional skater Paul Rodriguez released the P-Rod x Nike SB Dunk High. 

Inspired by his Mexican background; this release is meant to honor P-Rod's Mexican heritage, thus the Mexican flag colors that decorate the silhouette (duh!) – and his love for boxing. Additional details include championship belt lace locks and boxing brand style type (Everlast & Cleto Reyes) on the tongue. The soles also sport fists wrapped in boxing tape/gauze with P-Rod boxing type branding. To be honest these are beautiful shoes, the details are well thought out and the "Mexicaness" isn't overdone. My only problem is that once again, these are done by Nike. This time however they have a token "Mexican" whose heritage they're trying to honor (much like their Dia de Los Muertos release). The reality is that anything inspired by or honoring Mexican heritage or culture is always going to sell, it's a sure bet. Mexicans are so "in your face" about our pride and love for our culture that we always fall for these schemes. Rodriguez has been signed to Nike's skateboarding division for fifteen years and every so often they decide to drop a shoe "honoring" his heritage. Paul also happens to be the son of Mexican born comedian Paul Rodriguez who recently came out of the closet as a Trump supporter.

A few years back Nike tried to honor P-Rod's heritage by releasing the Nike SB “BO” P-Rod II Highs. What was cool about this release was that Nike recreated the vines on traditional Mexican cintos piteados and to top it off they placed los "tres animales" a parrot, a rooster, and a goat on the toe box. If you aren't familiar with the reference, it's a corrido by Los Tucanes de Tijuana. The three animals are drug affiliated. The parrot in Spanish translates to "perico" which is slang for cocaine. "Chiva" is goat, which is slang for weed, and "gallo" is for rooster which is heroin. Anglo fans clearly did not understand the references and the rumor is that once Nike found out what they meant, they decided to end production. 

These are the Nike SB P-Rod III Cinco de Mayo, Zoom Air Elite Cinco de Mayo, and Nike SB P-Rod Zoom Air Mexican Blankets designs released a few years ago honoring Rodriguez's heritage

These other releases by Nike honoring Mexican culture are not affiliated with Rodriguez, Nike was just looking for a quick buck.



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