The Truth

The Truth

This is spot on, except I'm from Jalisco... but anyway. This has always applied to me when someone asks what my nationality is. Every time this has come up (usually in school or at work) someone has always arrogantly challenged me, it's happened both in English and Spanish with something like, "Technically you're Mexican American" or "Tu no eres Mexicano, tu eres pocho." I actually find the word pocho offensive because MY definition of a pocho is someone who is whitewashed, someone who is ashamed of their ethnic and cultural background, someone who doesn't speak the language, someone who is ignorant of the history, and someone who flat out wants to be white. All of these being the exact opposite of who I am. 

Back to my story though, and I have always been very firm with this response. "I'm Mexican because I was brought up in a large Mexican household by Mexican parents. We were brought up on delicious Mexican food, loud Mexican music, instilled strict Mexican morals and values, and rich Mexican customs and traditions. I grew up on Mexican pop culture and media, I grew up cheering for the Mexican national soccer team as well as Mexican boxing great Julio Cesar Chavez. My first language was Spanish and like a lot of people I spoke with an accent and was in ESL until the fourth grade. I speak Mexican Spanish (you know what I'm talking about) I speak perfect Spanish; actually, read it and write it as well. The way I express myself is Mexican, the way I think is Mexican, and the way I love is Mexican.

I grew up going to Mexico, I know how to get to our town in Jalisco by car and by plane without any problems. I'm so Mexican and fit in and blend in so well in Mexico that the locals are surprised to know I was born and raised in the United States. 

Look; I'm not air headed, I'm very aware of the difference in lifestyles, economic disparities, and the advantages and luxuries that living in the United States brings. However, someone else does not get to tell me what I am, nobody has that privilege but myself! 


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