About Us

Ambitious Collective started in the Spring of 2013 as a way to counter all of the mass produced soulless streetwear that is currently saturating the market.

Contrary to the rest of the industry, we're not washed up rappers, rock stars, extreme sports athletes, or commercialized street artists. We have no relations or any type of connections in the "fashion" industry; in fact, we hail from a farming town in Northern California.

We don't come from privilege and that's where we draw inspiration from; our background, our experiences, and our surroundings. We are the offspring of defiant and fearless go-getters who through good old fashioned, clean and honest hard work managed to pave the way for us. Their struggle, along with their fighting spirit were deeply embedded in us. We were taught as kids, “If someone pushes you, you push back harder!” You simply do not bow down or coward to anyone. In essence that is what Ambitious Collective is, a brand for all of those who come from nothing, who come from the bottom, and who refuse to let anyone or any of life’s circumstances or disadvantages stand in their way. If there is no way in you find one! If someone shuts the door in your face, you go in through the window! You stop at nothing to get what you want.