About Us

Ambitious Collective is proudly based out of Northern California. As a Chicano streetwear brand we create struggle inspired goods for those who come from nothing. We don't come from privilege and that's where we draw our inspiration from; our background, our experiences, our surroundings, and our struggles. 

Ambitious Collective's designs are also heavily influenced by the love for our culture and everything that comes with it; family, tradition, history, nostalgia, and the Mexican and Mexican American way of life. 

When you come from nothing life can be tough and unforgiving. While life's unfair circumstances may crush some, it also builds others. Some develop an insatiable hunger and drive to succeed as well as a defiant and fearless mind set that aims to topple anyone or anything that gets in their way. You may find this in a lot of our designs as well.

Despite our pride for our culture and the brand's focus on it our underlying message is struggle and perseverance. We've found this to be a universal bond. You can share your struggles with someone and relate regardless of what country you come from and what language you speak.